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The lowest carbon impact e-commerce packaging on the market

L'emballage e-commerce à plus faible impact carbone du marché

What is a good package?

Since our launch in 2020, we have never stopped limiting the waste in your parcels as much as possible, while keeping small attentions that are important to us (AKA a sheet of biodegradable tissue paper to wrap your pretty pieces, a vegan sticker and a little note full of love). All slipped into a recycled paper package or a letter followed. Today, we decided to offer you even better with a zero-waste delivery alternative: the Boomerang!

Zero waste delivery, boomerang parcel, eco-responsible parcel

A few months ago, Pauline was in contact with Clément Filère, the founder of Ecopack Solutions and he explained everything to us about this clever packaging he created. It was faultless for Maline! What better than to offer a Made in France package, responsible and reusable a hundred times? Honestly, we couldn't find better!

It is for this reason that since the beginning of February, we have put it in place among our delivery choices. And it seems that he already likes it a lot!


Made in France, in Auvergne from recycled advertising tarpaulins*, the Boomerang parcel is ultra-resistant, waterproof and UNIQUE (yes, no two are the same since the tarpaulins used to make them are all different!). Thus, it was designed to last and to be reused many times! A hundred told us Clement. ;)

* Old communication media, collected from a corporate network.

What we really like about this concept is upcycling! Since in France these advertising tarpaulins have no recycling channel and are generally incinerated, Ecopack Solutions reuses them to give them a second life. This approach is at the heart of the design of the Boomerang package and at Maline we support this commitment.


Have you decided to take the plunge and choose the Boomerang as a means of delivery? Yaay! We explain everything to you and believe us, it's very simple!
When you confirm your order, check the Boomerang delivery. On our side, we are working to prepare it!
We deposit your articles, previously perfumed with our Maline fragrance, in a pretty biodegradable tissue paper, which we close with a vegan sticker. Then we take a good dose of inspiration on a music that we put in the background, a few dance steps and hop we start to write a little note full of sweetness. We slip everything into the Boomerang package, a piece of adhesive tape to secure the shipment and it's ready!

Eco-friendly delivery, zero-waste parcels, low carbon impact packaging

Once your order has been received, send it back:

• R ecover your products and the packing slip inside the package.

Fold the Boomerang and check that the prepaid return label (“T” label) is visible.

Drop the empty Boomerang in a yellow mailbox.

That's all !

Of course, if the product ordered is not suitable, simply stick on the classic Maline return label to send it back to us. :)

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