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Throwback: lingerie through the ages.

Throwback : la lingerie à travers les époques.
"The most beautiful clothes that can dress a woman are the pieces of lingerie that she loves."
Yes, we have slightly modified the famous quote from Yves Saint Laurent, but we promise it's worth it!

What could be better than feeling comfortable with a beautiful lingerie, which is moreover ultra comfortable? Nothing. Or a good chocolate cake, or maybe a Lyonnais sun (it's gray every day at the moment).
Enough chatter, that's all very well, but you should know that lingerie has a looooong history. Comfortable lingerie, on the other hand, is rather short... and that hasn't always been so obvious for women.

History of lingerie

For centuries, women's lingerie and the role assigned to it have continued to evolve. Used to erase curves, be functional or enhance the body... Lingerie is a real epic on the skin.

Camouflaged curves

The first traces of lingerie date back to Antiquity. At that time, the standards of beauty were rather androgynous (a physique that cast doubt on one's gender), so lingerie had only a utilitarian role and took the form of bandages and tunics. We are far from today's bra! The bandage made it possible to maintain and compress the chest, as for the tunic, very ample, it drowned the silhouette to camouflage femininity.

Bodice and farthingale

It will be necessary to wait for the Renaissance, between medieval and modern times, to see profound changes take place. It is the same for underwear, which gradually acquire an aesthetic dimension. Thus, we see the appearance of the farthingale, a frame placed around the hips to give fullness to a dress. It was worn with a bodice to keep women's bodies straight, for a more noble posture. The size was greatly reduced to the point of compressing the ribs.

Oh pretty lace....

It was in the 17th century that a real admiration was expressed by men and women for lace. Synonymous with luxury and elegance, people willingly allowed part of the bodice or lace to protrude from their dress.
The corset, meanwhile, is shorter than before, it no longer compresses the breasts OUF! But still remains very rigid for a conical silhouette.
For information: at that time women still did not wear panties despite Catherine de Medici (1519-1589) having managed to have the ladies of her Court wear lingerie pants (ancestors of panties). But these were quickly abandoned.

Appearance of the bra and functional lingerie

It was from the 19th century that the first prototype of a bra was born. By Hermine Cadolle. This one is related to the corset, aaaah he has a hard life, but apparently he is perfecting himself to adapt to the life of women. Yeah...

history of lingerie - first prototype of a bra source: imago-images

It's also the moment when the lingerie pants reappear, it's still more practical. ;)

1914, the First World War

This date changes the daily lives of men and women. These are called upon to work to make up for the absence of the men who have gone to the front. The clothes as well as the lingerie adapt, they must be practical, discreet and not sexy.
In 1918, panties made their debut and swept away lingerie pants. Ciao!

The 50s, the golden age of the Pin-Up

Protruding chest (hello the bubble bra), wasp waist (hello the basque) and very round hips... the stars of the time did not hesitate to reveal themselves. Hello Marilyn!

lingerie history - pin-up lingerie source: marilyn-pour-toujours.over-blog

Liberation and the sexual revolution from 1960!

Women's bodies are stripped bare, they are liberated! No more girdles, bras and other underwear. On the beaches of Nice and Saint-Tropez, women go topless. Elsewhere in the world, feminists throw their bras in the trash, thus opposing sexual oppression. Women are now masters of their bodies.

history of lingerie - topless in St Tropez source: messynessychic

Nudity is no longer taboo and the 70s were marked by the desire for naturalness, for NO LINGERIE! Yaaay free boobs! Until the release of erotic films, which contributed to the return of very sexy lingerie.

Today... what about?

Who says new era, says new representation of femininity. This time they are numerous and echo the societal changes marked by the liberation of women's speech to redefine their relationship to their body, to intimacy and to seduction. But also to changes marked by new, more responsible consumer trends and current emerging values ​​advocating self-acceptance, empowerment and inclusivity.

Maline is thus the brand that reconciles women with fine, beautiful and ultra-comfortable lingerie . But above all more inclusive (on our scale) and eco-responsible lingerie, through 100% French manufacturing from recycled or biosourced fabrics.