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Mechelen women: Marthe

Les femmes Malines : Marthe
The benevolence of the women I met throughout the Maline adventure brought me a lot and it is one of the most beautiful things I have to say, among all the others who accompany me.
From the beginning, I have always had at heart to be close to my clients. It brings me peace and the creation of a special bond with them is something unique. This bond that is created is like a small seed of positivity that we plant, which grows and offers us a lot of joy when it hatches.

Each new encounter is a stage in life, if it's a chance I take it, if it's a lesson I learn it.

It is a real pleasure for me to introduce you to the Maline women. Those who love the story of my brand and my creations from the bottom of their hearts. Women full of life, projects, love and spontaneous humor.

Welcome to Les Femmes Maline, the newspaper that tells the real stories of wonderful women. 🌞

Today, I welcomed Marthe. She has known Maline for a while now and I discussed with her the things that inspire her, the relationship she has with her body, sustainable fashion, her favorite place to swim and her hidden talent. .

I wish you all a very good reading...
My exchanges with Marthe

"Can you introduce yourself quickly?" - Pauline
"I'm Marthe Duval. I'm 30 years old, I live in Lyon. I like ricorée, bobs and my guy! I'm a fashion designer." - Martha

"What's your mantra?" - Paulina
"Nothing is lost, everything is transformed" - Martha

"What are you most proud of?" - Pauline
"To be self-employed." - Martha

"A woman who inspires you?" - Paulina
"My grandmother. My grandmother is a botanist and she was able to pass on to me her taste for beauty and plants and I know that it is something that still transports me today as much in my creations as at home where it is it's a jungle!" - Martha

"How did you know Maline?" - Paulina
"I met Maline on social networks." - Martha

"What inspires you Maline?" - Paulina
“It inspires me with gentleness and respect for people” - Martha

"What do you like about Maline?" - Pauline
"What do I love about Maline? Responsible design from fabric to production to delivery." - Martha

"How would you describe your relationship with your body?" - Pauline
"Question that kills what. My relationship with my body? At 30 I love my body. Oh, it's depressing, isn't it? I'm more caring with my body." - Martha

"A few words on sustainable fashion?" - Pauline
"A few words about sustainable fashion... For me sustainable fashion is the future. It is what any company around this industry should create and continue to develop." - Martha

"Have you always paid attention to the way you consume?" - Pauline
"Yes! Until I remembered yes. My parents were already very into the second hand, going antiquing to the Emmaüs. So yes, I always had this fiber there, it never left me. " - Martha

"Your favorite place to swim?" - Paulina
"The Gorges of the Ardèche." - Martha

"Your next destination (to swim)?" - Pauline
"In connection with the swimsuit? Big party in the Drôme Provençale haha. No wait, suddenly Brittany." - Martha

"And finally, do you have a hidden talent ahah?" - Pauline

Women Maline Marthe Duval - powder pink high-waisted bikini bottoms, ethical bikini bottoms, eco-responsible bikini bottoms

A tongue in the shape of a flower, we love Marthe, suuuuper talent! ;)

Thank you for following the adventures of the Maline women! I hope you liked it !

See you soon ♥️