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Mechelen women: Patricia

Les femmes Malines : Patricia
We are back in Les Femmes Maline, the newspaper that tells the real stories of wonderful women. 🌞 In the previous episode , I was with Marthe, she gave herself to us and you particularly appreciated it!

Today, I present to you Patricia. Since the very beginning of the adventure, Patricia has been there! She was one of the first to support Maline and to be a total fan of my creations. With her I discussed the changes that we naturally welcome during our life, the women who have deeply inspired her, the freedom to consume differently and her next sunny getaway.

I wish you all a very good reading...

Maline Patricia women. Eco-responsible fashion
Patricia is wearing the triangle bra without underwire & the Ulyssia panties .

My exchanges with Patricia:

- "Can you introduce yourself quickly?" - Pauline
- "I am Patricia. I am now an image consultant with an eco-responsible fashion aim. Otherwise, I am a former executive in the pharmaceutical industry and I have converted.
I think that at some point, you have to do what you really want. It was something that had been in my mind for a very long time, but I didn't dare for economic reasons. But sometimes there's a little twist of fate that makes you go!" - Patricia

- "What is your motto / your mantra?" - Pauline
- "I never lose. Either I win or I learn" - Patricia

- " What are you most proud of?" - Paulina
- "I think it's my reconversion, because I really listened to myself. I had that in me for years and years. And besides, I'm having fun!" -Patricia

- "A woman who inspires you?" - Paulina
- "So I have 2:
Marie Curie: that's my scientific side. She imposed herself in a men's environment, where women were not present. She's a great scientist.
And Simone Veil: in relation to her resilience. She is truly an extraordinary woman who has experienced the unthinkable, who suddenly knew how to accompany women and who is still at the origin of an essential path for us. I didn't see the movie about her, but I read a report that shocked me." - Patricia

- "How did you know Maline?" -Patricia
- "I met Maline on social networks. On Instagram, I saw a little post appear in my feed one day. In fact, it was really the very beginning of Maline. Your project really interested me. It's also the first time that I was interested in eco-responsible fashion outside of materials, let's say, organic cotton and the like. The fact that you also make your creations in France, near Lyon, where we have a certain know-how in lingerie, that really appealed to me." -Patricia

- "What inspires Maline in you?" - Pauline
- "Freedom: the freedom to consume differently but also the freedom to wear pieces that I had never actually bought.
I always had swimsuits with whalebones and there... more whalebones and then high-waisted panties! So completely different." Patricia

- "What do you like about Maline?" - Pauline
- "I like the colors, the shapes, the slightly retro side. I love it!" -Patricia

- "How would you describe your relationship with your body?" - Paulina
- "I will describe it now appeased. I have now learned to know it. I have also learned to know my strengths. And indeed, I will say what I call "my little areas of discomfort", and well they significantly less annoying.
I don't necessarily wear push-ups anymore. I admitted that I have a little androgynous side and I play on it. I even find it rather amusing to play with the masculine/feminine." - Patricia

- "Is sustainable fashion important to you?" - Paulina
- "It is very important to me. It is even almost essential.
I've been on Instagram for 2 years now with my @nouveaus_regards_ account. In fact, I really try to highlight eco-responsible brands on this account, whether French or foreign.
In any case, what matters to me is that it is done ethically and with respect for the environment." - Patricia

- "Your recommendations for more sustainable fashion?" - Paulina
- "For me, eco-responsible fashion is not just about buying eco-responsible fashion pieces. It is above all what I call "shopping in your dressing room". Moreover, our dressing rooms are often very full. We would only use about 30% of our wardrobe regularly. For the 70% not used, we must learn to use it, know how to tune it. It's already one thing: exploit what we have The second hand is also a very good solution which also allows you to find very pretty vintage pieces, or in consignment stores. " -Patricia

- "Have you always paid attention to the way you consume?" - Pauline
- "No... it's really been 4 years since I started to consume better by eliminating polyester in clothes especially. Because I didn't find it comfortable and I didn't understand that they could sell us plastic at the price where it is sold to us.
Then I got interested in sales. I did not understand why we could have a garment at a lambda price in month X, then at -60% 3 or 4 months later. I thought there was really a dichotomy about that.
Then I started looking for brands that were consuming and looking for a fair price instead.
That's what I've noticed is that within eco-responsible fashion, we do try as much as possible to make fair prices, whether for consumers but also for all the people involved. in the chain.
I never would have thought 5 years ago that we could dress entirely in Made in France!" - Patricia

- "Do you have a hidden talent?" - Pauline
- "No... I think that I will express my hidden talent in my job. I know how to combine colors, shapes... In fact, I think that's my strong point." -Patricia

- "Your favorite place to swim?" - Pauline
- "I really like the Giens peninsula. We have been going there regularly for 5 years. I love this place, I find it out of time where it feels like the 50s have stopped here. It's really a place that I really like." -Patricia

- "What's your next destination / sunny getaway?" - Paulina
- "The one I dream of or the real one? Haha both!
I would love to go to Costa Rica. It is a country that attracts me precisely for its very, very strong environmental side. Then I know that there are really very beautiful seabeds. Otherwise, I'd like to go back and do a dive in the Mediterranean... with my Maline swimsuit!" - Patricia

Maline Patricia women, responsible fashion, eco-responsible fashion, ethical fashion

Another beautiful and deep conversation... I loved chatting with Patricia and I hope you enjoyed it.

See you soon ♥️