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The amazing menstrual panties made in France

La culotte menstruelle canon confectionnée en France

Menstrual panties: why adopt them?

Sublime your world with our 100% hot menstrual panties, made in France & healthy. Maline creates unique models for you so that you can feel comfortable and beautiful, at any time of your cycle ☀️

Are menstrual panties revolutionary?

We have all (or almost) known sanitary napkins, tampons and other protections that are not very comfortable and above all stuffed with not very very clean chemicals. Or the stained panties and those damaged because of the wings that stuck to the fabric, or even tons of waste thrown in the trash every month!

But since menstrual panties have appeared in our lives... What a relief! Women can finally feel comfortable on their period and guess what? Thanks to these revolutionary panties, there is no longer any need for a trash can in the bathroom, because it is no longer useful;)

It's a real little pleasure to no longer stick pesticides and other toxic products on the skin, isn't it? Bye bye the irritating pad and tampon and all that unpleasant stuff!

For some time now, menstrual panties have been a hit and we have lost count of the number of brands that are getting into them, or even the new brands that are being created! Difficult to make a choice among all that... EXCEPT when you are aware that Maline makes IN-BELIEVABLE menstrual panties, hot 🔥 ethical and ultra comfortable!

And yes, by the way, it all started in September 2021, with our Ulyssia panties.

The first Maline menstrual panties

The amazing menstrual panties made in France

"The desire to celebrate the daring and uninhibited woman", it is from there that Pauline created an assertive and sensual lingerie set, which she named - Ulyssia.

After weeks of work, pencil strokes, discussions with the designer... the very first prototype of the Ulyssia panties has arrived. It was by seeing it that we knew! We knew we had to make it into menstrual panties!

The fit and design were perfect for making them a sultry and comfortable period panty. So Pauline continued to work with the model maker. Changes were made and the Ulyssia panties and menstrual twin were operational for a production launch!

A few weeks later, we received a joooolie delivery containing all the panties we were impatiently waiting for, especially the menstrual ones!!

It was a real challenge to finally offer our first menstrual panties and today we are very proud to see that our Mechelen women wear them proudly.

Besides, here is the opinion of our beautiful Marthe concerning our menstrual panties:

" Huge crush on the Ulyssia panties 💛 I have several menstrual panties from several different brands, but this one dethrones them by far, far! Incredible comfort and unnamed softness, it was a real revelation for Me! No "diaper" effect, fabrics meticulously chosen for their velvety touch, pretty cutouts to bring tenderness during this never very funny period, it's a big BRAVO that I send to the team at Smart!

Thanks for everything <3"

👙 For a hot and sensual set, these panties have been designed - by women, for women - to be worn with our sublime Ulyssia non-wired bra . It adapts to curves and different chest shapes from 36 to 48, thanks to its adjustable straps and back! Smart no?

Why choose Maline period panties?

The first reason, it's our Maline Marthe who said it ;) And to tell the truth, she summed up well why our menstrual panties are the one you need: a real feminine menstrual lingerie!

Here are 5 reasons to choose our Ulyssia period panties:

Ultra soft and fine fabrics (absorbent technology & invisible anti-leakage) + organic cotton panty bottom.
Canon design + tulle yoke to slightly reveal the skin.
Even the most sensitive skin & mucous membranes.
Recycled fabrics certified OEKO-TEX ® Standard 100.
In the Rhône-Alpes region, 62km from our Lyon boutique.

How do Maline period panties work?

Simple and effective, our period panties work thanks to our absorbent and anti-leakage technology composed of 3 layers, for top protection!

The amazing menstrual panties made in France

• The very first layer is made of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton ☁️ In direct contact with the skin and mucous membranes, organic cotton is the most suitable and respectful natural material: ultra soft and hypoallergenic!

We use organic cotton since, in addition to being skin-friendly, it is more ecological and more ethical than conventional cotton (less energy-intensive, grown without pesticides, insecticides, chemical fertilizers & GMOs).

• The second layer is an absorbent & anti-leakage core , ideal for light flows and normal flows. It is made of bamboo viscose and absorbs the flow of the rules 🩸 drained so far thanks to the first layer. It also absorbs white discharge throughout the day!

• The third layer is a 100% waterproof & breathable PUL anti-leak membrane 🌬

How to wear our period panties?

Ideal for light and normal flows

Our period panties are ideal for light & normal flows and for the beginning and end of periods. So you can wear our panties without risk of leakage all day long.

If you have an abundant flow and you use a cup, you can use our panties in addition ;)

You can also wear our menstrual panties outside of your period, if you have white discharge or even if you have spotting (light blood loss that appears outside of your period).

Day and night 🌜

If your flow is light or normal, you can wear our period panties at night ;)

Wash your period panties

How to wash your period panties?


Prooomis is very simple and super fast! Here are 4 quick and easy steps to properly wash your period panties:

• Pre-wash: rinse it with cold water 💦 to drain all the accumulated blood

• Hand wash: wash it in water with neutral, non-greasy soap

• Machine wash: slip it into a washing bag or a Guppyfriend 🐠 and machine wash at 30° maximum! Use natural and ecological detergent if possible (avoid detergents containing glycerine, as this clogs the vegetable fibers of the absorbent core and makes the protection less effective over time)

How to dry your period panties?

Let it dry in the open air (drying on the radiator to ban) and in the shade. Forget the dryer! It drastically reduces the life of your period panties and everything else for that matter ;)

Following these tips will allow you to keep your menstrual panties on for a long time, to keep the softness of the fabrics, to preserve the absorbent core and to maintain the effectiveness of the waterproof fabric!

The durability of Maline menstrual panties

Built to last, with premium recycled materials, our menstrual panties still need to be well cared for. If you apply our advice for washing and drying, you will be able to keep your panties for a long time, up to 7 years, with protection that is always at the top! Not bad is not it ? 😏