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The hot menstrual swimsuit to enjoy the summer

Le maillot de bain menstruel canon pour profiter de l'été

Hot menstrual swimsuit for your period.

Have you ever refused to swim because you were on your period? Then our menstrual swimsuit will be made for you!

Today, menstruation should no longer be a problem to enjoy the summer and frolic freely in a swimsuit with complete peace of mind. Plus, imagine if it falls on your vacation. No question of depriving yourself of a single second for that!

At Maline, we want to enhance women's bodies throughout their sunny getaways with beautiful ecological swimsuits, made in France and soon... menstrual! 👙🩸

After the release of our Ulyssia lingerie panties, which we declined in menstrual panties, many of you wrote to us and told us that you would really like us to also decline our swimsuit bottoms! And since that's all we think about!

With the production delays that we have accumulated for the 2022 collection and other hazards, we have not been able to develop this famous menstrual jersey for this season... The project has therefore been postponed, despite all our determination to make it possible...

But do not panic !!

Thing due, thing done at Maline! Today, we are in August, and we are working on the smart nuggets to come! Yes, a swimsuit is thought about well in advance 👀

And the menstrual swimsuit is in our sights! We will give everything to create THE menstrual, ecological & hot bikini bottoms. Above all, we want it to be totally invisible, so you don't have to worry about it!

In short, if you don't really know how it works, we'll explain 👇

How does our period swimsuit work?

Now, let's start with the basics!

Just like our Ulyssia menstrual period panties, our menstrual swimsuit panties will integrate a totally invisible absorbent and anti-leak core in its lined fabric ✨ that's the goal!

To be a bit more technical, the absorbent core in this swimsuit will be made up of 3 layers:

Normal flow menstrual swimsuit, hot menstrual swimsuit, ecological and made in France

• The first, directly in contact with the mucous membranes, is made of organic cotton certified Global Organic Textile (GOTS) ☁️ It dries quickly and is ultra soft. It respects all mucous membranes, even the most sensitive!

• The second absorbs the period flow (bamboo viscose) 🩸 which has been drained so far thanks to the first layer. It also absorbs white losses throughout the day.

• Finally, the third is a 100% waterproof & breathable PUL anti-leak membrane 🌬

This absorbent & anti-leakage technology is meticulously sewn inside the jersey, itself made of recycled fabrics & certified OEKO-TEX ® standard 100.

There you go, you know exactly how it's going to be inside your future menstrual shirt;)

The high-waisted panty

The perfect model

Let's talk about the model that will serve as the basis for creating our sublime menstrual shirt!

Normal flow menstrual swimsuit, hot menstrual swimsuit, ecological and made in France

And yes, we chose to decline the Belle-île briefs first, the favorite swimsuit bottoms of Mechelen since the creation of Maline. These high-waisted panties are absolutely perfect for changing into a period swimsuit. Why ? Because its high waist makes you feel comfortable. Not to mention the gathers at the back of the panties, which highlight the fall of the back and shape the buttocks;) We told you, it will be CA-NO!

Which flow to wear our menstrual swimsuit?

Ideal for light and normal flows

Our jersey can be worn without risk of leakage all day long for light and normal flows. If you have a very abundant flow, you can wear our swimsuit in addition to a cup;)

With our menstrual swimsuit, you will be able to enjoy your swims with complete peace of mind, even when you are on your period;)

How to wash our menstrual swimsuit?

It's very very simple, on the same concept as the classic menstrual panties!

Just like our Ulyssia menstrual lingerie stockings, our menstrual swimsuit rinses with cold water after use 💦 This allows you to drain all the accumulated period flow! Once this step is done, either you wash it by hand with neutral, soft and non-greasy soap , or you slip it into a washing bag or a Guppyfriend 🐠 to put it in the machine (30° maximum!).

Of course, we forgot the dryer. It drastically reduces the life of your jersey and everything else for that matter. Let it dry in the shade ;)

Why choose our menstrual shirt?

Canon, ecological and made in France, all the good ingredients are there!

Top-of-the-range recycled fabrics certified OEKO-TEX ® & Global Recycled Standard, local manufacturing, stunning design & totally invisible and leak-proof absorbent technology: Maline creates beauty without compromising!

The little extra: the fabrics of the jersey offer anti-UV protection and are extremely resistant to salt, chlorine and sunscreens (well, don't spill the whole bottle on it either, huh!)

The second little extra: the Maline signature - the gathers at the back of the bottom of the jersey - will be nice and present, just to enhance your back fall. And especially because it's not because we're on your period that you can't be ultra stylish and hot at the beach!

With our menstrual swimsuit, we guarantee you to be 100% sure of yourself, comfortable & stylish, to enjoy your most beautiful sunny getaways!

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