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A summer that will be expected like never before!

Un été qui sera attendu comme jamais !

Maline advice for a well-being and eco-responsible summer!

That you can put into practice now (or almost) for a well-being and eco-responsible summer.

The sun, the beach or the mountains, the countryside... We don't yet know what our summer will be like, but we all have something close at hand!

Eat fresh and local by tasting seasonal fruits and vegetables. Take the time to concoct your own recipes and put aside ready-made industrial dishes, stuffed with processed ingredients. Adopt new lifestyle habits, far from being restrictive and applicable all year round… Here are some Maline tips to put into practice right now.


1. Have a calendar of seasonal fruits and vegetables on your fridge

Summer is a perfect time to enjoy many fruits! The best option for eating local and seasonal is to go to the markets. What a pleasure to walk in their alleys in spring and summer! Forget the indigestible industrial dishes made up of ingredients which, in general, are not produced with respect for the environment (like sugar).

Meet small producers and rediscover the taste of real food thanks to them. And if you have a tight budget, go to the end of the market to take advantage of knockdown prices!

2. Use the right sunscreen

On the beach, dressed in our most beautiful Maline swimsuit , we protect ourselves from the sun! But not anyhow. According to a study, 10% of corals are threatened by the pollution generated by the 14,000 tonnes of sunscreen that end up in the oceans each year.

Do not panic ! Sun cream Niu is composed of 97% natural ingredients, including 22% from organic farming. It is fragrance-free, paraben-free and free of nanoparticles that usually pollute coral reefs and the ecosystem. That's also a well-being and eco-responsible summer!

3. Rediscover our regions

It's not about pointing fingers, if you fly regularly when you go on vacation. In reality, it is simply a question of suggesting an escape within reach of train, car or public transport. This is even more true in this progressive period of deconfinement... Beautiful surprises guaranteed!

Having made quite a few long trips to Oceania and Asia, I have seen and had extraordinary experiences. But I was just as amazed at the Serre Ponçon lake, or facing the cliffs of Etretat. Or during my hitchhiking trip from Bayonne to Sagres! You will find lots of extra ideas on the Instagram account landing_ . This one brilliantly and second-degree promotes our regions. It makes us realize that we salivate on destinations like Bali when we can just as well salivate on a beach in Brittany. Yes, yes, I swear! 

4. Well-being and eco-responsible summer: avoid insecticides

Of course, who says summer, says the arrival of our best friends of the season: mosquitoes. Forget the chemicals! There are 100% natural solutions!

During my travels, for example, I used lemon eucalyptus. Lavender, clove, lemongrass or cinnamon also work well. They are excellent repellents. In parallel, there are mechanical solutions. For example, the mosquito net or the repellent bracelet rechargeable with essential oils. Say goodbye to compulsive scratching sessions in the middle of the night!

5. Reduce our electricity consumption

A well-being and eco-responsible summer , okay. But during seasonal heat waves, the reflex to turn up the air conditioning or use your fan all night persists. These are very energy-intensive and there are solutions to limit this consumption.

For example, we think of favoring the dishes by hand to limit the heat emitted by the dishwasher or other household appliances. If you have a clothes dryer, use a drying rack to dry your clothes instead. It also works for computers: leave the devices off instead of leaving them on standby. In addition, you can close the curtains and/or the shutters in the morning, after airing your home, to keep it cool at night during the day.

6. Water: an ally to preserve

Water is the same. Summer is the season when there is the most tension on freshwater resources. Plants, lawn, showers to cool off...

To limit all this, we can for example use collected rainwater for watering plants. Regarding drinking water, I will tell you about ceramic balls . This is a great zero-waste alternative to filter jugs and plastic water bottles. They eliminate the unpleasant taste of tap water and reduce the lime content. It's practical, eco-responsible and economical!

7. A vegetarian barbecue

No well-being and eco-responsible summer if it means saying goodbye to barbecues with friends! We agree ;) Despite everything, why not change what you put in it to grill? A vegetarian barbecue is a good way to limit your meat consumption. 14.5% of greenhouse gas emissions come from livestock farming worldwide, and that's not nothing. Tofu, eggplant, zucchini, mushrooms… The possibilities are endless to take a whole new path and introduce your taste buds to other flavors. To our vegetarian skewers!

8. Well-being and eco-responsible summer: avoid unnecessary pollution!

During holiday periods, most of our work colleagues are gone. This is therefore an opportunity to favor teleworking part of the time to avoid unnecessary travel. It is quite possible to see these practices become widespread post COVID19, and that's good! If that's not possible: let's enjoy the fresh air and take our bikes (or city bikes) to get to work. On foot, it also works, as far as possible, of course!