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Non-wired bras made in France

Les soutiens-gorge sans armatures en fabrication française

On June 27, 1889, Herminie Cadolle presented the first modern bra under the name Bien-être at the Universal Exhibition in Paris. It is a corset cut in two under the chest, more comfortable for women... In 1913, Mary Phelps Jacob created a bra separating the two breasts.

With the First World War, women in Europe find themselves in activity and the corset is not very practical for working the fields, for being useful women on the battlefields, or even for breathing. Ah yes, do women breathe? Herminie Cadolle et son Bien-être takes the place of the mythical corset and we welcome the bra!

Since then, women's bras have been constantly reinventing themselves, to the point of offering wire-free bras today! An advance that can be explained by the emancipation of women, a new look at our bodies and a return to nature!


Maline is first and foremost Pauline, who created the brand with her and her friends in mind, who don't want to sacrifice either style or comfort. A real subject when we are keen on fashion and also followers of a relaxed lifestyle in our active lives!

Pauline has created a brand of lingerie and swimwear with tops, without underwiring, made in France. The first models of Maline, for the swimsuits of the 2020 season were already a collection without frames, a real choice!

  • Two reasons for this choice of wire-free: for the moment there is no eco-responsible solution for whales, and this is a subject that matters to her.
  • And the second reason is that we want to provide support that is not uncomfortable: no more running to take off your bra when you come home, and having traces on your skin of the underwires that hit us!

I joined Pauline (It's me, Rachel who is writing this article) when Maline's adventure was launched, and I have a radically different morphology from Pauline's. I'm a 44 where Pauline wears 34/36, an E cup against a B cup, and yet?

The same desire, to wear comfortable underwear every day: create a first collection of lingerie with non-wired bras, available from 34 to 48, and up to G cup! A technical challenge!

Then begins the work to offer you two comfortable sets, soft on the skin, and with style, clever, during the summer of 2020.


Since confinement and the advent of telework, our habits have really changed, how many of you have invested in a sweatshirt-and-a-soft-jogging? Maline offers to accompany you in your quest for ultra-comfortable lingerie, under your homewear, during your Zoom meetings!

Sexy lingerie full of ribbons is nice when you're in a little intimate moment, but at Maline, we try to please ourselves: self love above all things!

Move, live, express yourself, without ever feeling oppressed and hurt by your underwear!

“Dr. Jean-Denis Rouillon's hypothesis "If the woman puts on a bra as soon as her breasts appear, the suspensory apparatus does not work correctly and her suspending tissues distend", he suggested to the AFP.

Since Dr. Rouillon's research was carried out on too small a group, these results cannot be generalized and it is difficult to draw conclusions. The changes described by this doctor have however been noted by some women who opted for the "no bra".

This is particularly the case of Clémentine Lavotte, who testifies in the Huffington Post . A year after stopping bras, she notices that her breasts do not sag, that her nipples are less sensitive, that she no longer has back pain, that she stands straighter than before, but above all... that she feels more free. "I freed my chest. And it was undoubtedly one of the best decisions of my life!", she says.

We offer an intermediate solution to the No bra for women who feel more comfortable with a supported chest, but more respectful of the natural shape of the chest and without compressing it.

Maline, French lingerie without underwire

The little extra of French manufacturing for your Maline bras

Maline manufactures all its collections in France. The Rhône-Alpes region, in which our sets are designed and manufactured, is the region of France most specialized in lingerie and swimwear. We take advantage of this know-how in our partner workshop in Bourg en Bresse, which was the stronghold of Lejaby and taken over by Agathe, the new director, 7 years ago.

For the development of the sets, we worked with Emilie, an expert model maker in lingerie and swimwear, who offered us technical solutions to provide support without underwiring.

On the Rachel bra, the underbust elastic is adjustable in the back, allowing it to be adapted to different back sizes, and the straps are wider to avoid shearing and be as comfortable as possible!

On the Pauline triangle top, we have chosen recycled and vegetable-dyed tulle, as well as very soft elastics.

Our supplies are made in France and Europe, certified Oeko Tex standard 100, recycled Italian fabric ECONYL®, and the sets are entirely designed in Bourg en Bresse.

Questions? We are always available to provide you with more details on our choices!

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