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Nylon ECONYLⓇ: infinitely reusable!

Nylon is great for our swimwear. But it pollutes the planet so much that Maline had to find an alternative. With ECONYLⓇ nylon, it's done! We tell you more in this article.

Nylon, we see it in almost all our clothes today. It was created in 1935 by chemist Wallace Carothers. Of great resistance, we will often find it in our tights, our panties, our toothbrushes, our sportswear and our swimsuits. Yes, but here it is: nylon is a synthesized chemical material derived from petroleum, and therefore polluting. Hence the emergence of ECONYLⓇ nylon , pending that of BioNylon.

But by the way: why is nylon cool? Nylon is appreciated for its quick drying due to its low absorption capacity in the form of fabric. For swimwear and lingerie, it offers excellent stretch and is soft, supple, yet durable. It became popular in the first place thanks to tights. Then it replaced wool and silk for its lower cost.

Nice to wear plastic, but it pollutes, doesn't it?

So yes, nylon is nice. But in fact, it pollutes a lot. Beyond the fact that it is a synthesized chemical material derived from petroleum, its manufacture is quite energy-intensive. In fact, we need to keep it warm to synthesize it. This is why manufacturers use large amounts of water when cooling it.

What's more, polluting micro-particles come off the nylon when it is machine washed. They end up in the oceans. Not to mention that nylon is not biodegradable. In reality, it takes several decades to degrade. Think of how many pantyhose you frayed just days after buying them only to throw them away!

So, I'm going to walk around naked so as not to pollute?

The choice is yours, we're not here to judge! At Maline, we are impatiently awaiting the arrival of BioNylon, a nylon derived from plants. And to be able to examine its overall impact. Using a natural material is good, but its production can potentially be more polluting: Where does it come from? Where and how will it be produced? Will it not disturb the eco-system etc.? But who knows, maybe it will be the best solution to come, and we will be done with oil! Strings for certain musical instruments already benefit from this alternative for their manufacture.

That said, for the making of swimsuits , we can also reuse the existing one. And that is a concrete solution for depolluting the oceans and landfill sites. Thus, ECONYLⓇ nylon is a recycled and recyclable nylon . It is made of plastic waste. But also fishing nets which are omnipresent among the waste thrown into the ocean. In reality, these abandoned nets represent more than half of the latter.

ECONYLⓇ nylon is produced by the Aquafil company. This Italian supplier promotes zero-waste and a circular life cycle. In addition, it manufactures carpets, rugs, sportswear and the fabrics used in the manufacture of Maline swimsuits. Thus, ECONYLⓇ nylon is perfectly identical to “virgin” nylon. And what's more, it is infinitely reusable, without altering its quality!

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